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North Tyne Plastering

At present, there are basically two types of plastering materials that are commonly used, namely cement-based plastering and gypsum-based plastering.

However, since applying the gypsum-based plaster is easier than the application of the cement based plaster, the former one is used more.

Gypsum based plastering absorbs moisture easily so, it is generally used for interior purposes while the cement based plaster is used in both interior as well as exterior walls.


Interior plastering is very different form Exterior plastering. There are 2 types of techniques that are used.

These techniques are drywall and plastering:


Drywall is nothing but a type of sheet-rock that is greenish in colour. In this method, gypsum boards are used.

The drywall boards are 4 feet by 8 feet s and are screwed to the wall studs to form the wall. In between the edges of drywall sheets are seams.

These seams are covered with mesh tape after which the screws and the seams are covered with drywall plaster to conceal them for a finished look.

The drywall can either be painted on or wallpapered for the final finishing touch.

It is plastering that gives the building the desired shape and look. So, this requires a great deal of research and skill on the part of the certified plasterer who is undertaking the task.

The task of plastering is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of the construction business.